The Power of Communication visits PRSSA

Helio Fred Garcia, author of The Power of Communication, visited Fresno State media
ethics students and Fresno State PRSSA members to discuss some of the best, worst and most ethical ways to communication in a crisis setting.

Reganie Love (PRSSA exec. board), Fred Garcia (author, guest speaker), Mikey Sanchez (PRSSA exec. board), Betsy Hays (PRSSA adviser), Lanny Larson (PRSA Central CA president), Brenda Smith (PRSA Central CA past president). Picture courtesy of Betsy Hays.
Attending PRSSA and PRSA members with Fred Garcia. Picture courtesy of Prof. Betsy Hays.

Here are some of the insights he shared:

  • Communication is an integral part of business, not an afterthought.
  • We can’t move people if we don’t connect with them. Meet them where they are. Care about what your audience cares about.
  • The single biggest predictor of failure is the perception that we don’t care.
  • It isn’t the bad thing that happens that affects you, but what you do after.
  • Silence in the face of a crisis gives the impression you don’t care.
  • Know when you need to start communicating in a crisis situation:
    – Will those who matter to you to do or say something now?
    – Will silence be seen at indifference?
    – Are they talking about you and already shaping perception?

Thanks to Fred for visiting with our students and PRSA Central CA for helping us bring him to our campus.

Did you attend this event? What do you think is the most important thing to do in a crisis situation?